After-Sales Service

In order to further improve the quality of products, improve the market position of Runpol Shoe Products, and the credibility in the hearts of users, it truly realizes the tenet of "Development by Innovation, Survives by Quality". We solemnly issue the following statement to our users:

1. Strengthen pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services, implement 24-hour service, advanced service, full service, and lifetime service in the entire process of product production, inspection, maintenance, and after-sales; ensure that the factory products meet the corresponding standards or the technology specified in the contract Requirements, and make the qualified rate of ex-factory products reach 100%.

2. For the processing of non-standard products and the production of OEM products, it is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the contract: quality and quantity, timely and accurate delivery, and solve all problems for customers.

3. After receiving a call from a user requesting to solve the problem that the product is in use, Runpol will reply within 2 hours; and help the customer solve the problem in time.

4. Guarantee the fulfillment of the "Three Guarantees" service regulations for products, and the product is indeed a product quality problem during the "Three Guarantees" service period, and strictly implement the "Three Guarantees" service regulations. For products that exceed the "three guarantees" period, if users need after-sales service, they are guaranteed to provide perfect after-sales service, not for profit.

5. Return visits to customers on a regular basis, and timely register, transmit, analyze, process, and feedback on user letters, calls, visits, and other information, and improve product performance according to user needs and continuously improve product quality.

6. In any case, Runpol will never make things difficult for customers for any reason. Only customers can provide perfect after-sales service.

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