Production Process

From raw material selection to the final cleaning and package, Runpol keeps high standards on the whole manufacturing process of shoe products. We keep a watchful eye on the craft, quality, and comfort standards of everything we produce.

Unique Properties
Fashion & Comfortable Shoe Products


Each product of Runpol features pristine quality leather and suede, which is sourced from the best ethical tanneries.

In order to suit more types of footwear and leather accessory, we have a range of colors and textures. Before production, our craftsmen examine each hide to ensure a smooth touch, great comfort, and stunning look.


The pieces of leather required for shoemaking are cut out and marked during the stamping stage in order to prevent confusion later on. Cut out the pieces of leather necessary to make the shoes.

Following, the shaft pieces are stamped to prevent confusion when they are stitched together later on.


During the stitching stage, the pieces of leather that have been cut out to make the shoe are stitched together by the stitching machine.

With the huge number of stitching machines in the workshop, Runpol's craftsmen connect the leather pieces firmly and quickly.


Shaping is a process in which workers glue the parts of the shoes together, and shape them into the right dimensions.

In Runpol, we apply the nailless setting technology, which makes the shoes' radians and sizes satisfy the requirement of design drawing by heating, stamping, and cooling.

Clean & Package

Remove stains on the surface of the shoes, including water lines, hydrolyzed pen lines, and glue lines.

Hung the tag of size, color, and number in the correct position. In the end, the shoes are put in the packing paper and boxes according to customers' requirements.

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